Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bespoke Watermarks That i have Made

If you would like one then please get in touch.

These have all been made to work with 500pixel images, any bigger than the Watermarks will look like little dots, Now you can change The size of the watermarks by shrinking them down when using them, But just remember to not ever save any changes you made to the watermark as you will loose the original format it was sent it.

The file will be sent via Email once you have approved the Proof, If you are happy i will then send you the file with a step by step instructions on how to use the watermark.

Also If you are using Photoshop for a Small Fee Extra, I can make your watermark into a Brush, So when you open up your file you would like to watermark, you will just have to do a simple " click" and it will appear, no hunting for the file! No deleting the file by mistake or resizing it by mistake, it will be simply sitting in your photo shop until you next want to use it,

Also with this feature you will be able to change the colour of your watermark if you needing a different colour for it to show up.

Please also note that the standard program "paint" that comes with all windows pcs, will not work with these watermarks as it changes the format.

Also remember that the watermarks are being showed on a Deep Purple Background,

When they are placed onto a Photo of your choice , they will give a More Translucent look

Please note you will need a Graphics program to use these watermarks, I suggest Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, But if you don't have any of them , there is lots more out there as long as it can open a range of images it should be fine.

But incase you do not have any of these software's here is a Free Graphics Software you can download by clicking here.