Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bespoke Blog Headers That i have Made

The Below Headers have all be done for Users, However i have dabbled around with Other Blogging sites before and happy to try For anybody else.

Now I do not do " set " sized Headers, As so many people are using different themes, it works best to have them Totally custom made and sized just for you.

So with that in mind, when ordering your Bespoke Header,
I will need a couple of details from you like what template are you using? Do you have any special Requests you would like on your header? any pictures you would like used? - Please Note your artwork must be very clear and Big, Bigger the better, Please do not ask me to use a Thumbnail of artwork as that sometimes does not come out so well.

Most of the Headers i do, People just say they want a Header to match there store, so i pick up the colour of there overall theme, then i would look through there blog for some inspiring artwork/images to use.

Don't forget if your interested in having a Bespoke Blog Header made for yourself,
Then please do Get in touch via Email

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